About Us

We are the first escape room in Portugal based on Virtual Reality. We started our activities in 2016 and since then we have been providing a unique experience using the most advanced technology to turn a group activity into a true team adventure.

Our mission is based on making customers aware of virtual reality technology in an immersive environment in which we focus on cooperation, teamwork, and lots of fun.

Players will be sent to a new dimension where they will have to solve puzzles, mysteries, and face different enemies. For this they will be equipped with special suits, superpowers, and the ability to fly in zero gravity. The secret to success will be creativity, communication, and courage to survive our adventures and accomplish the mission.

How to play?

Who can play?

Our adventures are for everyone that are looking for a fun and challenging adventure. There is no need for special skills to enjoy this experience. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, and adventure yourself in this new dimension.


Our activities are designed to promote teamwork, communication, and lot of fun. Getting into this new dimension the team will be pushed to talk with each other and work together to find solutions in a fun and interactive way.

Special Celebrations

Whatever is your celebration, Lostroom is always here to take your event to another level. Talk with us to see how we can help turning your celebration even more special.

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Everything you need to know to enjoy this unique experience.

The minimum number of players is 2 (two) and maximum number of players is 6 (six).

The game has a duration of 1 hour (60 minutes), but we would like to challenge you to beat the record of each game.

Challenge Accepted? Book your reservation in https://lostroom.pt/reserva/

People with 6 years or older can play our games. Children with inferior ages can play but they must be accompanied with at least one adult.

–  Is not permitted play under alcohol or drugs effect.

– The experience is not recommended for people with cardiac diseases or epilepsy.

Yes, you can, but not recommended considering that you are playing with your team and is important that the riddles be solved together.

No. At this moment we only have one room available, but we are planning opening mor in the future.

During the session, the player with be seated and with the VR glasses. The movements on the game are activated by the movements made this your arms and hands, so is not necessary standing up or move the legs.

Yes. During the game all the participants will be able to see and communicate through your avatar.

We recommend trying COSMOS first considering that the game is focused on teamwork like coordination and communication to move and form figures.

After playing COSMOS, now you can play MIND HORROR considering that the players are more familiarized with the image and movements and will be able to coordinate their movements with more facility. 

Nonetheless, we always to your criteria which game you want to play first.

The games have different themes and for that reason, each game has different missions and actions (superpowers, for example).

COSMOS has a more interactive thematic where players can activate laser and teletransport, considering that the game happens inside of an Aerovane.

MIND HORROR involves suspense and terror where the payers will have to fight together to conclude the objective of the game.

To alter or cancel a reservation, please send us an email to lostroom@lostroom.pt or call to 912 220 726 / 210 993 008 at least 1 (one) day before the date and the hour of your reservation.

If you arrive late 15 minutes after accorded hour, your session will be cancelled.

No. A group only has right to one discount per session. On the days where campaign or promotions are available, the players will have to opt for the discount that they pretend to use.

No. A group only has right to one discount per session. On the days where campaign or promotions are available, the players will have to opt for the discount that they pretend to use.

You can use the following payment options:

  • ATM
  • Money
  • Payment via MBWay (Will be solicited on the moment of the transfer)
  • Bank Transfer (Will be necessary to send the transaction proof)

Lostroom Portugal is located on Rua António Patrício 9, 1700-049 Lisboa.

By telephone: 912 220 726 / 210 993 008

By email: lostroom@lostroom.pt