Lostroom - Lostroom

"It's a thrill to see your teammates virtually decked out in spacesuits as you look around!"

The Earth is facing a new threat coming from the space. A portal has been opened releasing black matter and unless you and your team close it, the Earth will be destroyed. The team will be teleported to Eden’s Space Station of Eden where you will access an Avatar’s body but only for 60 minutes.
You will be able to fly in zero gravity, destroy enemies and move illusory objects with your hands and eyes. The communication among the members of your team is essential to accomplish your mission.
We count on you for this mission and hope that you’re able to return to Earth…Alive!

2-6 Players

1 hour

A child was kidnapped by a psychopath called Shadow Man who is in coma. Where is the hidden victim? How to uncover the truth?
The answer will be found only by becoming detectives. Through a modern technology, you and your friends will have to emerge into psychopath’s mind to access his deepest memory. Working as a team you'll have to solve the diabolic puzzles, expose the undercover secrets and avoid the maniacs' mind attempts to kill and exile you.
Will you be able to find the hidden child before the psychopath kills you? We depend on you!

2-6 Players

1 Hour