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Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can play?
The number of players start from 2 up to 6 people per session.
How much time does a session take?
Each session takes up to 60 minutes, however we would like to challenge you to break our games’ record.

Do you accept the challenge? Make your reservation at http://lostroom.pt/en/booking/
What is the minimum age to play?
Children should have 13 years old to play. Younger children can play but they must be accompanied at least with an adult.
What are the rules?
- It is not allowed to play under influence of alcohol or drugs.
- Experience not recommended for people with heart problems or epilepsy.
Is it safe to play?
Our main goal is to offer an unique, enjoyable and fun experience. We are happy to answer any safety queries to guarantee your enjoyment.
Can I quit playing during the game?
Yes, you do however we do not recommend because the game requires teamwork and it is important the help of everyone.
Can two groups play at the same time?
No. Right now, we only have one room available, but we will have more in the future.
How do we move in the game?
The players will be sat using our Virtual Reality device. The movement is possible through the movements of the hands and arms so it will not be necessary to lift or move the legs.
Is there any limitation preventing me to play?
Yes. People who have some kind of handicap at the hands will not be able to play, since during the game they will need to use their hands to overcome certain challenges.
Can we see and communicate with other players?
Yes, you’ll be able to see your friends on avatar's body and talk to them through headset.
Which game should I play first?

We recommend you play Cosmos first because it requires more teamwork as communication and coordination to move objects and complete puzzles.

After Cosmos, you’ll be prepared to play Mind Horror as it involves more movement e.g. attack creatures and create objects, therefore it won’t be complicated for you to understand the coordination because your previous experience.

Nonetheless, the players are free to choose any the game that they want to play first. Learn more about our games on: http://lostroom.pt/en/games/

What are the differences between the games? Should I play both?

The games have different stories therefore the missions and actions are different, e.g.: super powers.

The Cosmos will be in a spaceship and it has a more interactive environment where players are able to teletransport and activate lasers.

Mind Horror, it is a thriller and horror game thus players will have attack creatures together to overcome the challenges.

Learn more about our games on: http://lostroom.pt/en/games/

What languages are available in each game?

Escape the Cosmos can be played in the following languages:

Portuguese; Russian; English; German; Spanish; Catalan; Greek; Hebrew; Bulgarian; Korean; Turkish; Czech; Hungarian; French; Chinese and Slovenian.

Mind Horror can be played in the following languages:

Portuguese; English; Russian; Czech; Spanish; Catalan; Bulgarian; Greek and Chinese.

Learn more about our games on: http://lostroom.pt/en/games/


Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?
To reschedule or cancel your booking, please email us lostroom@lostroom.pt or call us +351 912 220 726 / +351 210 993 008 at least 1 (one) day before the booking’s date and time.
What happens in case of delays?
If you delay 15 minutes after your booking’s time the session will be cancelled. We advise your team to arrive 5 minutes before the session’s time so they can be comfortable installed and enjoy the best of the game.


Organize team building’s events with Lostroom Portugal.
It possible to organize team building’s events in our store or alternatively in your office (within Portugal). For more information, please email us lostroom@lostroom.pt or call us +351 912 220 726 / +351 210 993 008.


What are the prices of the game?
You can view our pices on http://lostroom.pt/en/booking/
Do you have discount for students?
Yes. Please, view our discount for students on: http://lostroom.pt/en/booking/
Do you have different prices for events and parties?
Yes. For more information about events and parties, please email us lostroom@lostroom.pt or call us +351 912 220 726 / +351 210 993 008.
How does the birthday discount work?
The birthday discount is a discount that can only be enjoyed by the one whose birthday is being celebrated up to 1 week after the birth date.
Is it possible to have more than one discount per session?
No, the group is only entitled to a discount per session. On days when campaigns or promotions are valid, participants should opt for the promotion or discount they wish to enjoy.
Are the discounts and campaigns valid for both games?
Only if in the campaign that is running indicates that the promotion is valid for both games. You will always have to keep in mind which game is valid for the promotion that is in effect.


What the payment method available?
These are the payment methods available:

- Money
- Payment through MBWay (Associate number: +351 912 220 726)
- Bank transfer (proof must be sent):
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45496795126 05


Where is Lostroom located?
Lostroom Portugal is located at Rua Chaby Pinheiro 20A near Campo Pequeno.
What are the Lostroom contacts?
By telephone: +351 912 220 726 / +351 210 993 008
By email: lostroom@lostroom.pt