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Lostroom arises from the desire to make the Escape Rooms’ experience as realistic as possible. To achieve this we resorted to using some of the most advanced technological innovations to break the last barriers of the game and put you not in a room, but in a completely different parallel reality.

Virtual Reality is only a relatively new phenomenon. It allows us to experience things we'd never be able to in normal life. It's one of the coolest pieces of new technology. My name is Afonso and I am an entrepreneur with a passion for what's beyond the normal. My team always search for the extraordinary and this is why we brought the most incredible experience ever imagined to Portugal, virtual reality escape games.

So come join us on this new adventure, and save the world!


The games have no limits and you will be transported to environments to which you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
Players fly in zero gravity, solve puzzles and shoot robots with lasers. Better yet, It is multiplayer! Remember? Like the good old days, when you went over to your friend’s house to order a pizza, a coke and play video games all night long.

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We decorate and you play!

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